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Why us

We believe in the synergy between human motion and advanced technology.

Imagine …

If we could track the slightest movement with the highest precision at the speed of light!

What if …

we used it to track the smallest human movement in the most difficult situations?

And you could be using this crucial information in moments?

We are Imagin Motion.

Medical focus

Motion tracking

human Motion in MRI

High image quality in MRI scans is crucial for doctors to detect dangerous anomalies. However, 20 percent of MRI scans performed today are too blurry for accurate diagnostics. Patient movement during MRI scans causes blurred images, known as artefacts.


To get high quality images doctors can use to make a diagnosis, patients must lay perfectly motionless for up to an hour in a narrow, confined space. This is challenging for many patients and impossible for some, including emergency care patients coming or patients with psychological disorders. Ways to reduce artefacts include patient training, equipment for fixation and acclimatization to the room. Artificial intelligence and camera-based techniques have been effective in the past, but ultimately, the patient is often sedated or anesthetized to keep them still.



Despite all these efforts, a number of patients struggle with lying motionless during an MRI scan. As MRI scanners become even more sensitive and the strength of the magnetic field is increased, the demand for higher quality images increases exponentially as well as the need to find a solution to produce MRI scans with motion correction.

We love working with you

The integrated photonics ecosystem is developing rapidly in the Netherlands. Many initiatives are developed at universities and within companies. With a track record in building next-generation microchips, the Eindhoven region is a frontrunner in developing Photonic Integrated Circuits, and the HighTechXL deep-tech venture builder plays a central role in the Brainport region.


The main focus in photonics is to create products based on photonic fundamentals. Currently, there are many new ideas which grow into products, but the field of potential applications has yet to be explored fully.


Unlike other photonic solutions, Imagin Motion focuses on sensor-based technology, which enables medical professionals using state-of-the-art technology to move beyond human capabilities.


Working together with the Dutch integrated photonics ecosystem, we develop new applications. With our research on human motion and our willingness to collaborate closely with knowledge centers and end-users, we believe we can improve the lives of many.